December 1, 2022
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If you’re looking for a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, you’re not alone. The Cosmopolitan and The Strat are among the most popular options. If you’re in the mood for thrill rides, try the Stratosphere, an iconic hotel near the Sahara. The Strat is also an excellent place to stay if you’re traveling on a budget. Nearby neighborhoods are rough and offer some affordable options.


The classic Cosmopolitan is a simple drink that became an instant hit during the 1990s. Its popularity came courtesy of the popular TV show “Sex and the City,” where the characters sipped on Cosmopolitans as they got sexy. Despite its popularity, the Cosmopolitan actually has an older history, having been first mixed in South Beach by Cheryl Cook in 1985.

This classic cocktail was a hit in its day, and many bartenders were never able to make a shift without preparing dozens of them. Its popularity led to dozens of variations, including the White Cosmopolitan, which substitutes St. Germain for Cointreau, and the Gin Cosmopolitan, which uses gin instead of Cointreau. While the Cosmopolitan cocktail may not be as popular today, the drink remains a staple in bar culture.

The cocktail was made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in the movie Sex and the City. The cocktail became extremely popular with the gay community in Provincetown and by celebrities frequenting the Odeon. The new format of Cosmopolitan also made it a popular menu item. As the magazine’s readership has grown, so has the Cosmopolitan.

The earliest cosmopolitan sources were well known, and some early humanists emphasized the unity of all religions. However, few authors explicitly drew on these sources. One notable exception is Erasmus of Rotterdam. His work advocates for the unity of humankind, as well as national and religious tolerance. So-called cosmopolitanism is a way of life, and a lifestyle worth living.

The creation of the cocktail is an interesting story, which is largely responsible for the current popularity of the drink. Its name originated from a drink known as the Vodka Gimlet, which was invented for adding to poorly made liquors. Cointreau was discovered in France after the Second World War and soon became an important ingredient in the famous Kamikaze drink. The cocktail was further developed by adding cranberry juice.

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